Alyona Shilina is a professional photographer. She’s a talented specialist in child and family photography. Alyona was born and grew up in Moscow, graduated from Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering Electronics and Automation (Technical University).
Photography has been her passion since 2007.
She has been living and taking photos in Spain (Barcelona) since 2013 (2010-2013 in Cyprus).
Alyona’s photographs won prizes in different photo contests many times.
In November 2011 her personal exhibition dedicated to child photography took place in the center of Limassol (Cyprus). Her photos were exhibited in Moscow Photo Center on Gogol Boulevard (Moscow, Russia, September 2012).
For photo shooting Alyona Shilina uses professional Canon cameras and a set of Canon's top-of-the-line lenses (L series).
Alyona has successful cooperation with glamour Cyprus magazines.

Alyona’s photographs have high technical quality and are also cheerful,  full of life, positive emotions and love for her models.
She is truly gifted in evoking emotion through her work. She combines the creativity of a photographer’s eye with the expertise of the latest computer graphic technology.